Improving efficiency

Our Products

We provide a wide range of products.


Altronic makes engine ignition and control systems. They set the standard for gas-fueled industrial engine combustion control with products that improve the environment’s quality of life, dependability, and performance.

CPI Lubrications

CPI Lubrication’s fluid innovation provides natural energy, home comforts, safe food, and more. CPI combines the production and application know-how of equipment and lubricant producers.

BG Services

BG Services is the second-largest oil-field services provider globally. Gas and oil operators, refineries, and petrochemical manufacturers can achieve optimum productivity by reducing repair costs.

Industrial Valves

Industrial Valves has supplied high quality valves and fittings for Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemicals, Fertilizers, Power Generation, and other sectors for 20 years.

Klengas Tech LLP

Improving engine performance since 1907. Today, we champion in automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, ATVs, boats, and lawn equipment for spark plugs.

U.S. Energy Corp.

U.S. Energy Corp. buys and develops oil and gas resources around the U.S. It holds working interests in oil-weighted prospects in various stages of exploration and development.